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Le Tetraedre 17.a

on wednesday 1st of February 23h on Radio Panik/Brussels
1 CB microphone, voice and some texts, 3 cassette players, 1 dictaphone, mixing desk, 1 delay pedal and 1 equlizer pedal operated by jf Blanquet.
Texts (in french) from -penny S- by paul Kenyon, -l’une dans l’autre- by ricardo Vanguardia eroscope collection (Premieres edition), -coxman- by troy Conway and -OSSEX- by rod Gray.


tetraedre 17.a tetra 17.a




luke larsener does the snowman

1_ choose an empty room.
2_ gather all the devices you can find that produce sound and image.
3_ connect all the guitar amp, bass, speakers.
4_ connect all cameras, video monitors.
5_ put a blue video zentai.
6_ connect the electricity.
7_ set at maximum level.
8_ put you in the center. Take the cameras in your hands.
9_ move and make music with the microphones of cameras.
10_ let the things go/

luke larsener does the snowman par jean_f
====== > thanks to jack/rybn for patching puredata

le tetraedre 14_a

wednesday, november 02th 2011 on radioPanik/Brussels, 23h
or listen to

Trying to boot on my computer some data cassettes of Sinclair Oric Thompson and Commodore, its big brothers from the 80’s !!!??..,. but there is a problem, it cannot understand?! it has forgotten or never knew. What a pity, I would have loved to appear on my desktop these games.
9 tests for speaking to my computer .
a bunch of data cassette, 3 cassette players, 1 dictaphone, 1 mixing desk and some pedals delay effect.

le teraedre 14_a

le teraedre 14_a

le tetredre 13_a

Anderlecht kermess, Stanley&Bill. on radioPanik wdnesday 5th at 23h.
or listen on archive 13.
Recorded live at Anderlecht after the flee market in june 2011.
Let me introduce to you the famous “stanley and bill” and their fantastic spychedelic sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
They play music with whatever they find. vinyl, tapes, fiction books

Bill = 2 turntables + keyboard(special) + vinyl + tape player (special) + tapes.
Stanley = mic (in French for the moment, but they are thinking about an English vesion) + kaospad + guitar + turntable + MD + radioShack.

bill and stanley show

bill and stanley show

Latest tracks by jf blanquet


Ouroboros Part.1
-Panik in Panik –
Radio Panik feedback in Live: J-F Blanquet , Yann Leguay, Aymeric de Tapol
-Le Disque qui parle du disque qui parle du disque…Vincent Epplay – 2010
-Pure Data read by Pure Data, Nicolas Maigret – 2011
-I am sitting in a room…Alvin Lucier – 1969



tetraedre 10-c

-les amants chamaniques-
a text by jean-philippe Convert : -L’amant, mon amant chamanique-
male voice: jean-philippe Convert
female voice : angela Tarantino
recording and mixing : jeanfrancois Blanquet
recorded in 6 different media through a walk in the city of Brussels, separate ways, the girl and boy.

on radioPanik wednesday 16 february at 23h, and podcast on the tetraedre website
listen => les amants chamaniques: jean-philippe Convert, angela Tarantino, jeanfrancois Blanquet