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the great offshore, rybn

recorded an audio guide for the exhibition -the great offshore- by rybn collective.
exhibition from 18 November to 27 January 2018 at espace Gantner/Bourogne France.

incertitude, codec, etc…

-incertitude, codec, etc…- with emma Loriot (voice), julien Claus (modular synth and spatialization) and jean-françois Blanquet (voice and sound processing), Palais de Tokyo/Paris, september 7th at 18h.


Modulation en Zone Pavillonnaire (MZP) is an outdoor artwork that associate micro-radio, long-range sound (through horns) and web broadcast.

MZP at la Ferme du Faï/France , 15-16 july 2017
Project is born from meeting of the artists that initiale pointorg, linking radio and stream pratiques, sensivity to natural landscapes and atypical and unformatted contexts. Modulation en Zone Pavillonnaire is directly inspired by Modulation, Hybridized with other forms of sound transmission..

sacrifice.exe at Modulation 2017

_5h-6h (16th) sacrifice.exe by yann Leguay and jean-françois Blanquet
_3h-4h (17th) rybn + yann Leguay + jf Blanquet meeting

Meeting 9-14 JULY 2017 in Saint-Pierre (FR-26310 Beaumont-en-diois)
Chapter I : The End of Bean

5 days / 5 nights of proposals for 50 persons :
discussions, creations, writing, hybridations, making , destroying… 1 open space of potentialities, 1 space-time, 1 isolated mountain place.
50 people gathered for their commitment in creation and/or events organization, 50 ways of being and making, 50 universes interacting with each other. Definitely. This is the end of beans (French expression for “the end of the everything”): beans not dead!
This 24/7 space-time is not a programming. It is based on autonomy, the capacity of 50 people to create from scratch, to ensure technical or domestic needs, individually and collectively.
5 days & 5 nights in Saint-Pierre, at Beaumont-en-Diois.

Cécile Babiole, Séverine Bailly, Kevin Bartoli, Fred Bernier, Marie Bissières, Philippe Bissières, Jean-François Blanquet, Jean-Marie Boyer, Sarah Brown, Benjamin Cadon, Lucille Calmel, Enna Chaton, Julien Clauss, Cécile Clozel, Aliette Cosset, Magali Daniaux, Frédéric Danos, Karen Dermineur, Marika Dermineur, Quentin Destieu, Eric Dode, Léa Drouet, Jérôme Fino, Yannis Frier, Sarah Garcin, Bertrand Grimault, Honf, Honf, Nicolas Horber, Per Hutner, Delphine Jonas, Astrid La Chapelle, Yann Leguay, Michèle Lision, Emma Loriaut-Clauss, Pierre Mersadier, An Mertens, Erik Minkinen, Leonardo Montecchia, Nicolas Montgermont, Olivier Perriquet, Cédric Pigot, Esther Salmona, Didier Talagrand, Gwenola Wagon.


I made the original music of the movie ALTERATION.
-ALTERATION- directed by jérôme Blanquet, a sci-fi Stereo VR short film that delves into how AI may infiltrate our dreams in the not so distant future.


Alexandro volunteers for an experiment carried out to study dreams. He can’t imagine that he will be subjected to the intrusion of Elsa, a form of Artificial Intelligence who aims to digitize his subconscious in order to feed off of it.
here’s the teaser =>

We wish to propose a virtual reality S3D fiction film, written and conceived from the start for these new forms of viewing.
Alteration gives you the chance to see what it would be like undergoing the intrusion into our dreams of an Artificial Intelligence programmed to digitize them.
On the one hand we are with Alexandro whose dreams are digitized and absorbed; on the other we watch Elsa’s evolution. An artificial brain made up of codes which little by little becomes human.


BORDEAUX, june 24 2017
Yi-King operators (JF Blanquet, Carl Y, Nicolas Montgermont and RYBN).
Monoquini/Bordeaux invites Yi-King operators.

the project: Sound exploration of the Yi King Art.
This is both a serie of experimentations on using the numerous relationships of the Yi King to constraint an improvised music session and a way to answer a question asked to the Yi king in sound. Each consultation defines a number of rules for the sound setup and a specific time development canvas.