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onetoofreefor (jeanf blanquet + lucille calmel ones’ shots)

vocal strings / saliva / tongue / breath / lips / teeth / radio / tape recorder with band / mixing table /casio keyboard / computer … modified … amplified / electrified
– therefore we intend to improvise with duration and without-editing constraints

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Upgrade Montreal

Hello! \ Greetings!

As a past presenting artist at the Upgrade Montreal, we’d like to showcase a
selection of your audio work at the upcoming Upgrade International Gathering
in Oklahoma City (UIOC), November 30th – December 3rd, 2006.

The UIOC Gathering will feature exhibitions from two dozen Upgrade nodes from around the world. Upgrade Montreal is curating an “audio.listening.lab” for (experimental) electronic music, electroacoustic, acousmatic, avant-garde and/or audio-art / sound-art / radio-art and generally weird and strange sounds of all shapes and sizes. Works will be played back on a CD player with headphones in a dedicated listening environment. The listener will have an information booklet and be free to select from a number of works from a number of artists at various listening stations. The stations will be in the manner of a lounge with cushions and comfortable spaces with the headphones and players and information strewn around the space …

The UIOC will take place at Untitled [ArtSpace], the Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition, The University of Oklahoma School of Art, the IAO Gallery, and the OKCMOA Noble Theatre.


3rd sessions of the project observation which took place at galerie ETC
29/09-4/10/06 14h-23h, with two projectsinge performance at the evening.
camera: philippe VU

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