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electromagnetic sweater !!!!
TITsANUS documentary.

TITsANUS from Audiovisual anarchy on Vimeo.

“I have some feedback in my head, my sound is like sentences which would have made a trip around the world through network data Internet…. I am a super hero with electromagnetic sweater…”


TITsANUS has performed in various famous venues :
Guggenheim (New York)…IRCAM/Centre Pompidou/Palais de Tokyo (Paris)…Tate Modern (London)…Transmediale (Berlin)…Brussels.
This video is made with TITsANUS’s footage shooted between 2009/2010.

to see more TITsANUS’s movies =


///////// ¤ saturday 15th of december ////// _______________________________________________________________
Centre Mercoeur – 4 rue Mercoeur 75011 Paris – M° Voltaire 20h30
____ Kostik Animal (Christophe Tostain)
____Jacques Perconte & Jean-Jacques Birgé
____DEMOLECULARISATION -Let’s go to town-
/////// ¤ 15th of november 2012 ///////// ___________________________________________________________________
OFNI festival /Poitier 21h at C a r r é B l e u
____diane Grenier -Peinture sonore-
____DEMOLECULARISATION -Let’s go to town-
____ian Helliwell -AtTheGlitterBall-
/////// ¤ ALKYLES 20h30 Chapelle St Yves 60 rue de la Pinterie 35300 Fougères /////// ____________________________
with :
____ “Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit”
Xavier Quérel : projecteur 16mm / David Chiesa : contrebasse / Jean-Philippe Gross : électronique
PHILÉMON électroniques / TG GONDARD boîte à rythme, électroniques / JEDREK ZAGORSKI k7, guitare, trucs
____ DEMOLECULARISATION -Let’s go to town-
jérôme video subtitle and jeanfrancois Blanquet pick-up, vinyls and voice.