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lePlacard etoile polaire/Ghent

leplacard -etoile polaire- at VOORUIT café/Ghent
Placard is a headphone concert festival, playing with concentration, intimacy, time warp, and teleportation.
december 14 at 20h30 (CEST) .chain reaction -cracklings-
°&° |~²


the 1st of december, live act by jérôme and jeanfrançois blanquet at E.N.M.D/Montreuil France. From their laboratory audio_video of modified and bypassed devices, jérôme and jeanfrançois blanquet (DEMOLECULARISATION) interpret, live feeds from hertzian, the 8 o’clock TV news. some screen shots.approxcinématives pic_1approxcinématives pic_2