jeanfrançois blanquet website, hello, I chose to express myself in English on this site, English not always correct I know, but I like the strange combinations of words that can ceate is not my native language, but that enables me to try out another way of formulating my work, more simple, more amusing and less strict

you can email me at jeanf (at) projectsinge (dot) net

JF Blanquet uses the accumulation, the permutation, overflow and jamming to create the re-writing of media which are at our disposal.
He experiments with the help of several processes such as transmission / reception wave (radio, short-wave, infrared, WiFi), electronic feedback and larsen (mixing desk, effect, computer, loudspeaker, microphone), modification and re-appropriation of audio-video tools (circuit-bending, PureData), voice text and cut-up (books, sampler, magnetic tape, digital media, vinyl).
He mainly intervenes during live solo performances, or with dance companies as well as theatre groups.
He works with inexpensive objects which are found or second hand.
He manufactures, modifies and hijacks texts, images and sound using machines more or less well controllables.
There is enough media in circulation to be able to explore their wealth and experience the result of remixing them.

works with linux and free software under GNU/linux licence.

jeanfrançois blanquet is part of projectsinge group and DEMOLECULARISATION

Cie Nocturne, Cie comme ça, N.Ucollectif, U-structure Nouvelle(Montpellier), Cie13 (Antwerp).
Festivals: PIKSEL (Bergen), Sonic Protest (Paris), Do it anyway (Sheffield), Back-up festival(Weimar), Cimatics(Brussels), Paysages Electroniques(Lille), File festival (Sao Paolo), Split film festival (Croatia), festival videomedeja (Belgrade and Novi Sad), Mutek (Montréal), Salon Bruit (Berlin), On the Edge(Scarborough/Uk), Mal au Pixel (Paris), Cinemed (Montpellier), Emergences (Paris), Vision’R (Paris), Hacker Space festival (Paris), Visionsonic (Paris), Rendez-vous Electroniques(Paris)…