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Body Babel………….Cie 13/ Rosa Mei

Body Babel
Words are loaded pistols. Language is both memory and metaphor. In “Body Babel”, dance artists from across Europe (Belgium, Lithuania, Turkey, Slovakia, Armenia and Spain) explore the cultural semiotics of body language. How are our gestures, sense of touch and personal space affected by our cultural identity? How does body language act as a sort of cultural memory and define us as individuals? In a performance combining mental and physical virtuosity, two angels, a few Babylonians and faith healers seek out “the dangerous gesture.” Cross cultural psychology in a Tower of Babel.

Director : Rosa Mei (USA/Belguim)
Dance artists:
Kehond Champion Bakomba (Belgium)
Talin Buyukkurkciyan (Armenia)
Tomas Danielis (Slovakia)
Yentl de Werdt (Belgium)
Sebastian Garcia Ferro (Spain)
Asli Ozturk (Turkey)
Lina Puodziukaite (Lithuania)
Sound artist:
jeanfrançois Blanquet (France)

2008 dates:
09 sept : Brussels. CC Jacques Franck – 20h30
11,12 sept : Antwerp. WCC Zuiderpershuis – 20h30
19,20 sept : Istambul. Talimane Tiyatrosu – 20h00
30 sept : Klaipeda (Lithuania). Int’l Dance Festival
3 oct : Kaunus (Lithuania). Int’l Dance Festival


Moeraske summer camp

Mini-festival without electricity on Sunday 24/08, 15:00 – 18:00, Moeraske park, Evere/Brussels.

_Sunny disposition
_Jumbo Jet
_jeanfrançois blanquet


video ESD/Brussels

European Sound Delta: Radio Live Performances

26/7/2008, 15:00 – 03:00 European Sound Delta: Radio Live Performances

European Sound Delta is a nomadic art residence on boat through the Rhine and Danube, a radiophonic project through Europe.
RADIO SHOOT STORIES in collaboration with l’acsr and Radio Panik (broadcasted on FM 105.4)
15h00 : Radio shoot stories, live radio and open mike hosted by Catherine Vertige & mABuSeki
20h00: Live concerts & performances : jeanfrançois blanquet, Lucille Calmel, Jean-Philippe Convert, Sébastien Dicenaire, KORE2DUO (Al Fishman + FMX), Damien Magnette, David Neaud, NG, Camilla Ragon, SilenceRadiom, Eric Tatepo Kembo & Sinusjog, marguerite, S, B008, Patrick Thinsy & penskyplochingen…
23h00: Dancing programs feat. Ma CompilE à Toi, Baxter Lewinsky, Eric Mbuyamba…

iMAL:30 Quai des Charbonnages Koolmijnenkaai 30 – 1080 Bruxelles Brussel 1080