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R a d i a # 2 9 4 .
Even if Snowhere was done in a cold Brussels winter, the Tetrahedron still at a basement temperature.
by screaming like a 4 bits chaman, whispering some headwinds into the cave,
then finaly making peace after a white war by an acoustic orgy.
With: Jean-François Blanquet, Jean-Marcel Busson, Fabrice Cesario, Aymeric De Tapol and Yann Leguay
Voices by: Maxime Blanpain and Suzy Bretchkov
Recorded in december 2010 at His Aunt’s basement , Brussels

Tetraedre 8-c

23h, 15 dec on Radio Panik + podcast le-tetraedre website
-le réel tourne-
Sébastian Dicenaire: text, voice, micro. shipping forecast
Jeanfrancois Blanquet : MAGNERELAX, feedback zen interior & traitement.
listen => Le réel tourne: sebastian Dicenaire & jeanfrancois Blanquet

le reel tourne

le reel tourne


accouchement sonique

director Jérôme Blanquet
audiowork Jean françois Blanquet
audiomix Yann Leguay

december 10th 2010 on Arte channel