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Solstitium hibernum

ateliers mommen/ Brussels, 21th december
Exposition, Vidéos, Performance, Concerts,

17:00 Exposition & Vidéos:
Expo: Marion Fabien, Yoan Robin, Tessy Bauer, Isabelle Rouquette
Vidéos: JF Blanquet, Noé Grenier, Baptiste Brunello, François Roux, Wouter Huis, Marc Buchy, Nicolas Roger Pène, Reno Leplat-Torti, Emeline Girault

19:00 Performance:
Baptiste Brunello Naïla Akli Carmela Chergui
(doublages vocaux)

21:00 Concerts:
Isabelle Sainte-Rose
(solo violoncelle)
(Arnaud Paquotte, Grégory Duby, Benjamin Chaval, Aymeric de Tapol)
(guitare loop)

Ameublement sonore par Vincent Matyn…………….;; / /

luke larsener does the snowman par jean_f

Luke_larsener par jean_f

desert numerique

On Sunday, July 3rd at 3 pm, presentation of the project -LogforData K7- followed, at 10.30 pm, by a performance by DEMOLECULARISATION (jerome and jf Blanquet) in the church.

LogforData K7

LogforData K7


Kââmer12 gallery /Brussels, thursday 11th, 19h
exhibition about the letter. march 12- 28, 2010
with :::::::::::::::::::
Antoine Boute
Jean-Philippe Convert
Jean-François Blanquet
Peter Keene

käämer 12
rue crickxstraat 12
1060 saint gilles


# MACRO-INSTALLATION (6. – 28. November)
Opening 5. November.

EYE FOR EARS by Jérôme Fino
“macro-video for musicians in action”
This project juxtaposes different experimental musicians. Each artist was asked to improvise sound work.
The short video are documentations of these processes. The sequences zoom on instrument’s details and
musician’s gestural, the camera is used like a machine to decorticate the sound. “Eye for ears” propose
a music notice. It’s almost a physical experience, the sources of sounds and the relation between movement,
materials and oscillation become evident.
Aphone – Servando Barreiro – Jean-François Blanquet – Electronicat – Vincent Epplay – David Fenech – Gol –
Derek Holzer – Kooda Holaa – Yann Leguay – Hannes Lingens – Super Jean-François Plomb – Arnaud Rivière – Valentina Vuksic

Fast Video / PIXEL
H.C. Ørstedsvej 66
1879 Frederiksberg C



XY, L’emprise du genre

Attempt of approach of the male representation. on a proposal by pascale Barret.
At The beginning was the curiosity… then Adam and Eve were driven out of the Eden’s Garden.
wednesday.march 25. 19h-23h
salon#1/male curiosities with ART TO BE// ART CONCEPT FABRIK#
saturday. march 28. 17h-20h
salon#2/male curiosities performances : TOYS with jeanfrançois Blanquet and Bouts à bouts with david Bokiau and miss Picha & jef…



@ MAAC rue des Chartreux Kartuizersstraat , 26-28 BRUXELLES 1000 BRUSSEL


3rd sessions of the project observation which took place at galerie ETC
29/09-4/10/06 14h-23h, with two projectsinge performance at the evening.
camera: philippe VU

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